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Do 24.08.2017 - So 27.08.2017 [UCT Veranstaltung] 46. Annual Scientific Meeting of the International Society for Experimental Hematology (ISEH) ISEH has a longstanding history as a leading Society for Hematology, Stem Cells, Leukemia, and Cell- and Gene Therapy, and the ISEH meeting is a highlight of the year for those working in these disciplines.

Local Organizing Committee:
Halvard Bönig
Christian Brandts
Daniela Krause
Michael Rieger
Erhard Seifried
Hubert Serve
Veranstaltungs-Sprache: Englisch

Link: http://www.iseh.org/?page=Meeting

Goethe University
Campus Westend

Kontakt Adresse:
Prof. Dr. Michael A. Rieger (PhD)
Basic Mechanisms in Stem Cell Biology

LOEWE Center for Cell and Gene Therapy Frankfurt (CGT)
Department of Medicine, Hematology/Oncology
Goethe University Hospital Frankfurt
Building 25, 1st floor, room 103
Theodor-Stern-Kai 7
60590 Frankfurt (Main)
E-Mail: m.rieger@em.uni-frankfurt.de

Abstract Deadline:  15.04.2017