Goals of the MSNZ

The Mildred Scheel Career Center (MSNZ) Frankfurt aims to be an internationally visible center of excellence which combines clinically relevant translational cancer research with the training and education of young clinical and medical investigators. By using the structures of the Frankfurt Cancer Institute (FCI) and the wide range of clinical and scientific facilities within the University Cancer Center (UCT), the MSNZ Frankfurt strives to enable individual, long-term and successful career paths for Clinician and Medical Scientists.

Regarding the training and further education of young academics, the MSNZ sees its mission in qualifying a new generation of cancer researchers engaged in translational cancer research who create an added value in an interdisciplinary setting.

The main objectives of the MSNZ are:

  • to support excellent young Clinician and Medical Scientists in translational cancer research
  • to establish continuous career paths for Clinician Scientists and Medical Scientists that link all career stages and can be pursued at an international level,
  • to create attractive leadership positions,
  • to expand internationality and mobility through strategic partnerships,
  • to promote equal opportunities and work/family life balance.

The Mildred Scheel Career Center Frankfurt is funded by the German Cancer Aid.