Participating institutions and partners

The Mildred Scheel Career Center (MSNZ) Frankfurt is a partner of the Frankfurt Cancer Institute (FCI). For more information on the FCI and its research program, please visit:

The following institutions are partners of the Mildred Scheel Career Center Frankfurt:

Faculty of Medicine of the Goethe University Frankfurt
Prof. Dr. S. Zeuzem

University Cancer Center (UCT) Frankfurt
Prof. Dr. C. Brandts

Department of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine
Prof. Dr. J.-H. Klusmann, Prof. Dr. P. Bader, Prof. Dr. E. Ullrich

Clinic for General and Visceral Surgery
Prof. Dr. W. Bechstein

Institute of Pathobiochemistry (Biochemistry I)
Prof. Dr. B. Brüne

Institute of Biochemistry II
Prof. Dr. I. Dikic

Department of Medicine 2, Hematology/Oncology
Prof. Dr. H. Serve, Prof. Dr. T. Oellerich, Dr. N. Gökbuget, Prof. Dr. C. Brandts

Institute for Tumor Biology and Experimental Therapy

Prof. Dr. F. Greten, Prof. Dr. D. Krause

Institute for Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Prof. Dr. S. Knapp

Neurological Institute (Edinger Institute)
Prof. Dr. K. H. Plate

Department of Radiation Therapy and Oncology
Prof. Dr. C. Rödel

Dr. Senckenberg Institute for Neurooncology
Prof. Dr. J. Steinbach

Dr. Senckenberg Institute for Pathology
Prof. Dr. P. Wild

Department of Medicine 1, Gastroenterology / Pneumology / Endocrinology
Prof. Dr. S. Zeuzem

The Mildred Scheel Career Center Frankfurt is funded by the German Cancer Aid.