Support Services

Further Education

A broad scientific further education program in oncology is open to the young academics of the MSNZ, especially to those at early career stages. To make this possible, the MSNZ collaborates closely with existing local education programs, such as the graduate academy GRADE of the Goethe University, the training program of the University Cancer Center (UCT), and the DKTK School of Oncology. These courses are geared to the needs of Clinician Scientists and Medical Scientists and combine basic research and clinical aspects in order to promote interdisciplinary cooperation at an early stage.

Mentoring and Coaching

Mentoring support in the MSNZ program is specifically tailored to the challenges and framework conditions of each career stage and is carried out throughout the entire program. Scientists receive individual one-on-one mentoring and advice on the development of their career, completed by location-wide mentoring offers for specific career stages. 

In order to ensure a close fit of research activities and specialist medical training, Clinician Scientists are recommended to have both a clinical and a scientific mentor. This internal mentoring is supplemented by external mentoring.

A special concern of the MSNZ is to promote young investigator’s scientific independence in order to promote project management and leadership skills as well as experience in successfully raising third-party funding already at early career stages. By balancing supervision and guidance on the one hand and encouraging initiative and independence on the other, the MSNZ offers scientists a structured framework in which they can develop and establish their scientific independence.

Equal opportunities and childcare

The MSNZ strives to ensure equal opportunities and to offer specific and effective support for balancing work and family life.

Specifically for the Clinician Scientists and Medical Scientists of the MSNZ, the day care nursery “Uni-Strolche” offers childcare places with out-of-hours and holiday support. Further support can be organized for MSNZ scientists according to their specific needs. Of course, MSNZ scientists may take advantage of all other offers made by the Equal Opportunities Office and the Family Service at the Goethe University.

The Mildred Scheel Career Center Frankfurt is funded by the German Cancer Aid.