Medical Informatics Group (MIG)


The Medical Informatics Group (MIG) has been founded in January 2016 at the University Hospital Frankfurt. With its expertise, it operates as mediator between medical or clinical questions and solutions from the field of informatics. The focus of its work lies on applied research and development projects from different areas of medical informatics.


Besides the Rare Diseases as medical field of application, another application is in oncology. In line with its membership in the German Cancer Consortium (DKTK), the MIG supports the Clinical Communication Platform (CCP) located at the Frankfurt site and the connection of the local data warehouses and the biobanks to the DKTK network both methodically and through the individual development of software. These activities are performed in close collaboration with the University Cancer Center (UCT) and the Department of Medicine II – Hematology/Oncology of the University Hospital Frankfurt. 
Within the framework of the MIRACUM project of the MI initiative funded by the BMBF, the MIG establishes a data integration center in close collaboration with the DICT of the University Hospital Frankfurt.


Head of unit:
Dr. Holger Storf
University Hospital Frankfurt
Medical Informatics Group (MIG)
Tel.: +49 (0)69/6301-84438