“Translating molecular information into next-generation cancer therapies” is the Precision Oncology mission in cancer research of the UCT. Within this mission, the main task of the UCT is to

  • connect science to patients

by providing a clinical cancer database and biomaterial collection, and to organize the access of researchers to data and materials.

  • close the gaps between scientific disciplines

by supporting the recruitment of excellent researchers, providing the technology access and to set a research framework.

Cancer research at the UCT is organized in five interdisciplinary research programs. These programs combine the expertise in basic and translational cancer research with that of clinicians dedicated to patient care. Built on the existing expertise in Frankfurt in signaling, tumor biology, structure-guided drug design, and clinical trials, these core programs are devoted to target identification, target characterization, target exploitation and, ultimately, to clinical evaluation of innovative therapies, early diagnosis and tumor prevention. All research programs are closely interconnected to the German Cancer Consortium (DKTK)